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SWL/MW/LF Filters

The BCST-HPF is a 7th order elliptic high pass filter designed to severely attenuate AM broadcast stations below 1700 KHz. The elliptic topology yields a very fast transition from band pass to band stop region.

The BCST-LPF is a 5th order elliptic filter designed to eliminate AM broadcast from interfering with LF and VLF listening.

These filters have a 50 Ohm design impedance, so if your antenna is a random wire, we suggest a 9:1 or 10:1 transformer be inserted between the random wire and the filter. In addition, grounding at the filter end can be very important to filter efficacy.

These filters are housed in a heavy wall die cast aluminum enclosure. Connectors are silver/Teflon SO239. A miniature toggle switch allows the user to instantly switch the filter in and out of line.

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