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On-Site Tunable Filters

This series of filters finds widespread use at co-located transmitter sites where unwanted carriers may make spectrum measurements difficult or impossible.

The VHF-SN (XXX) filters are a single, symmetrical field tunable notch filter. Notch depth typically runs -20dB or greater. A precision 10 turn piston cap allows the filter to be tuned over approximately 1 to 1.5 octaves. i.e. 80-200 MHz in the case of the VHF SN(140) filter.

Standard connector is F/F BNC. N, UHF and SMA are also available.

Tuning Range: 85 - 290 MHz
Typical Notch depth: -35dB
Typical -3dB BW: +/- 10% of notch center frequency
Connector Type: N, BNC, SMA, F
Size: 1" X 1" X 2½" excluding connectors
tunable tunable

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VHF-SN tunable Filter