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About PAR Electronics

PAR Electronics, Inc., was founded in 1978, initially supplying traps and notch filters to the MATV industry. Today, we manufacture a broad line of filters for the commercial 2 way market, MATV, FM broadcast, laboratory, marine industry, amateur radio, scanner and short wave listening enthusiasts. In addition, we manufacture antennas for HF, VHF and UHF amateur and commercial use.

From the beginning, our company philosophy has been to design unique products rather than me-too items. This goal is well represented by our omni antenna line that offers better patterns and a bit more gain than the competition, and our patented filters that achieve extremely steep notch to passband responses.

Many, if not the majority of our filters are customized to meet a particular requirement of our clients. Turn around time is fast many times in one day, even for custom filters. So, if you do not see it on our site, ask.

Dale R. Parfitt, President